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Vice president

Carol Martin was born in Denver, Colorado and  spent equal time between there and Anaheim, California. She started school early and graduated by age 16. Involved heavily in the arts as a youth, Carol attended Wichita State University as a freshman, and later, continued her coursework at The University of Texas at Dallas, while simultaneously working full time at Quadrem, a mining and metals marketplace.

Taking on additional work for companies like Hilton & American Airlines allowed the family to travel the world, and fly to Los Angeles for meetings and auditions. 

An unexpected and life altering event changed the trajectory of Carol’s career path, yet it allowed her to focus full time on assisting her daughter navigate her rising career as a model & actress. Carol’s love of music and film had been passed down to her daughter and that seed bloomed into something magical.

After relocating back to the Los Angeles Area, Carol quickly understood that this new journey would be a major change for the entire family.

When the family recognized the limited amount of roles and projects available for people of color and more specifically, young black girls, the family began to brainstorm and generate viable and marketable projects that were built with positive representation and inclusive.

Carol lives in Tarzana with her loving husband , Joshua and their two daughters Marsai and Cydni.