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Head of Creative

Genius Productions Head of Creative Prince Baggett, passionately creates and develops film and TV projects that represent and tell the stories of young women of color, creating a new precedent and opportunities for those who are often overlooked in Hollywood.

A business graduate of both California State, San Bernardino and University of Southern California, Baggett began working in film in 2005 as an intern in the television department for Paramount Pictures. Eventually, he rose to executive assistant to the division president, which lead to various development positions, introducing him to content creation and producing. Over the span of his career as a creative director and producer, Baggett has worked with likes of Debbie Allen, Tommy Hilfiger, Lionsgate, Lamar Odom and many more.

Baggett is a proud member of Colours TV, an organization born from Universal Pictures, comprised of industry development executives who promote diversity amongst creatives in Hollywood. He is also the former president of the Youth Center for Individual Development in San Bernardino where he worked with children with different mental health restraints and rehabilitation journeys.

Baggett is a native of Inglewood, California, and currently resides in his home state in Sherman Oaks, CA.